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Jewar Airport may have Eight Runways and become the 5th Largest Airport in the World


Jewar Airport, which is being prepared in over 5,000 hectares, will become the world’s fifth and Second Largest Airport in Asia. Asia’s second largest airport after King Fahd International Airport is Shanghai International Airport in China. Shanghai Airport is spread over 3,988 hectares, this will make Jewar Airport the second largest airport in Asia.

If everything is in accordance with the plan, then the world’s 5th largest airport in Uttar Pradesh will take its shape in the coming four years. If the proposals of proposed Jewar Airport will approve, then it will become double of Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport in terms of area. According to the proposal, if it is ready in the year of 2022-23, then it will become the 5th largest airport in the world.

The construction of Jewar airport was in demand for long to increase economic development, tourism, employment, and business for local people or to lessen the load on the Indira Gandhi International Airport in the national capital Delhi. The budget has been assigned for this project and the work has begun in this regard. The fund has been passed on behalf of the State Government. The local administration has started its process of acquiring land.


Proposal For Runway From Six to Eight

The Noida International Airport Limited (NIAL) is preparing a proposal in which to increase the runways of Jewar airport from six to eight. The proposal will be sent to the state government for approval only after the preparation of land acquisition for the project. Once the acquisition of land (1,239 hectares of land) is taken for the first phase of the project, the Noida International Airport Limited (NIAL) will send a proposal to the state government for approving the Jewar airport from 6 to 8 runways.

If the state government approves the Jewar airport 8 runways proposal, then it will be prepared on about 5,000 hectares of land, and then it will become the world’s fifth largest airport in terms of area. The 4 largest international airports in the world are in the US while one is from Asia. While India’s largest airport is Hyderabad Airport, which spreads over 2,224 hectares (5,496 acres).


Ranked 5th in the World and 2nd in Asia

The world’s largest airport is in Saudi Arabia. King Fahd International Airport in Dammam is built over 77,600 hectares of land. This is followed by the Denver International Airport, which has developed over 13,571 hectares. The third is America’s Dallas International Airport, which is spread over 6,963 hectares of land. Fourth and fifth in the Orlando International Airport and Dulles International Airport in the US, which have built over 5,383 and 4,856 hectares respectively. Jewar airport, which is being prepared on 5,000 hectares, therefore will become the world’s fifth and Second Largest Airport in Asia.

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