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A continuously emerging business requires its people to grow with it. Propshop’s extensive training and development program give a chance to every employee to learn about roles and responsibilities for they hired. Our qualified team of trainers help the employees to understand the real estate world. We offer rewarding career opportunities through professional training, and a place where you can build a long-term career as a part of the world-class organization. Propshop's exclusive training and development program have been designed to enable the holistic development of the sales team for their excellent performance and growth. We want to develop leaders at the every level of organization.

Objectives of Employee Training & Development :

  • To prepare employees for the challenging requirements of the job.
  • To educate employees for more complex and higher-level jobs.
  • Trained employees about the ongoing project managed by Propshop and timely update them about offers, changes, and modifications.
  • To educate employees about the real estate industry and give practical knowledge for performing sales job.
Note: *The offers as mentioned in the advertisement are as intimated by developer to Propshop.
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